Fees and Pricing
Most things in life boil down to "what's the bottom line?".  When researching a company to handle this all important aspect of your job search, how much it costs is a major factor especially to someone out of work or experiencing financial downsizing.  After much research with resumes services and HR Consultants the costs were found to be much higher than expected.  Many reasons go into pricing, such as overhead, number of employees, salaries, benefits, etc.

    When starting up this business, an integral factor had to be affordability.  Utilizing a home based business format to reduce the expenses, it was possible to keep the pricing low.  Low prices do not equate to low quality work - on the contrary.  The sole purpose and success of the business has been to provide the highest quality of work for a price that would fit into a working persons budget.

    There are instances where the costs listed are somewhat higher as in the case of an executive resume.  These require extensive and intensive efforts to produce a competitive product in the limited world of higher management.​​

    For the specific services provided for each item, check the Job/Resume Services and HR Services pages.​​


- Resume review:                     $25
- Cover letters:                         $50 
- New basic resume:              $300

- On-line resume building:      $150
      - KSA's for USAJobs.gov       $75/hr​
      - Executive resume:               $500 ​- $1500 (depending on level)

​​        Special Offers:

- Basic resume & cover letter combo package:     $300
      - Additional resume/cover letters after the initial ones:  half price​

Job Search & HR Advocacy:
(Includes all of the items listed under Job Search & HR Advocacy)

- Hourly:                                    $75
- Contingency contract:          $600/year  ($50 per month, 6 month minimum)
(Contingency contract provides resume, cover letter, job search & HR
Advocacy items as needed during the contingency period for one price, additional
        resumes and/or cover letters during the contract period are at $75).​

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