Resumes and Job Search Services
When you're looking for a job or have an HR issue, it's common to feel like you're on your own - Well, you're not!  We can help you get ready for a search, find opportunities and when you land that job, be your advocate with the company.

Resume Services:

Review and evaluate existing resume
- Craft a new professional resume from start to finish
- Draft an effective cover letter to get you noticed

    Since each resume is as unique as the person it represents, please contact us by phone or e-mail so we can determine your needs. If e-mailing, please include a copy of your current resume or an informal history of your education, job experience and the type of position you're looking for.

Job Search Services:

- Preparing you for the interview
- Advice on dressing for success
- Salary negotiations
- Review offers
- Advice and crafting of counter offers
- Preparing for your new job

HR Advocacy Services:

- Clarifying company policies and procedures
- HR advice if problems arise
- How to handle co-worker issues
    - Internal job postings and promotions


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